Clocks, Mothers and Trees

Okay, heads up. Clocks go forward this weekend. I love going into Daylight Savings Time, the lighter evenings. But I kinda wish it wasn't this weekend. I have loads to do on little sleep (see below), with a stinking headache, and I don't want to miss an hour of sleep tomorrow night. Usually I'd just sleep my regular hours, but I have to take my daughter to 5 church services over the weekend including an early church service on Sunday for a performance. I have to leave at 7.45am, so my brain will think it's 6.45 which is too early on a Sunday. Just sayin'!

Mothers.... heads up! Mothers day in UK is coming up!! If you are smart (unlike me) you'd've bought a card last May during US Mother's Day, but if you're like me you'll be trawling the shops looking for a nice blank card that you can adapt.
Also check out my page for International Gift Giving and mailing!


Yeah, we still have snow. More of it. Can't really complain given that across the world, a major earthquake and tsunami have devastated lives, so I won't complain. I check myself and count my blessings every day!! 

So just sharing what happened... last night, I couldn't sleep.  I was lying awake at 1.30am when I heard a thud. Not too loud, but kinda like someone falling out of bed. I checked the house, but nothing seemed to be wrong. As I was walking back to bed, I looked out a window in the dining room (we still don't have curtains) and cried, "Holy *##@#*!!"  There, against the window, was a big tree. An 80ft wild cherry tree had fallen across the yard, over the chicken coop and was poking into the window.

View from the DR window

The girls in the coop were fine, other than having 2 branches through the wall and roof, and the heavy coop being pushed back a foot and a half!

We lose a lot of trees, but not usually so close to the house. We are surrounded by 100+ acres of woods and hills, so we have our own little microclimate going on: damp, several degrees colder then the rest of the town, but not windy. We lose trees on the hill to wind but by the house, if we lose them it's usually due to terrifying lightning!

No lightning last night; just soft mud from days of rain and then the weight of a lot of sudden snowfall. I didn't get back to sleep till nearly 5am. Then I heard the kids up at 6am, Son yelling "Holy cow! Sis, come look!"  And so we all got up...