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Agni Pratistha Difficulties 'Style' Teens

If the first time he bears the Miss Indonesia is often the target of hunters news for questioning, now turn Agni Pratistha did it. The reason, a woman from Central Java are now look alive with the world of journalism in Cosmogirl magazine.

She also pleaded not experience obstacles in writing, unless the force used by the media these teens or teenagers.

"The first point I must have read a lot, but that is difficult is to write in a style that more teenagers anymore. There, we are required to be sensitive again. Want baseball would have to mingle with them and ask them. I'm in a new rubric and celebrity interviews, health and futures as well, "she said at the Gallery Lounge, South Jakarta, Thursday.

Furthermore, another obstacle that she was experiencing was doing interviews on sources, which most young people with age adrift far from Agni Pratistha.

"If my baseball writer found the problem, but if the interviews are usually rather difficult. Sometimes we are hard to find anyone who liked teenagers. Or have to wait for the latest movie who ya are going broke, the concept also. Anyway all-Teens, "she added and laughed.

Agni Pratistha So Enjoy Professional Editor

Often hosted in a show or concert, Agni Pratistha was the first time brought the musical events in Harmony concert. The latter, Agni Pratistha hosted Erwin Gutawa concert some time ago. Four years of vacuum from the entertainment world, Agni Pratistha active again be a presenter because of missed.

"Miss really. Maybe I experience working behind the scenes is enough, ah want to try another," she said when met at Harmony Concert, at the Balai Sarbini, Central Jakarta, Friday (11/03). She chose to be a presenter in this comebacknya because according to girl, the profession became a presenter is not too time consuming. "If you shoot a long-shot rather difficult because of truant from the office that's complicated, yes, must leave all sorts. So the day-to-day, rich way," she added.

In their daily life, Agni Pratistha worked as executive editor at Cosmogirl magazine. She works five days a week. Because of work schedule is so crowded, Agni Pratistha was forced to reject an offer to play in a movie. "There has been an offer really, just offer movies colossal and must miss about three months. It can not ya, so I think yes come on later," she said.

She was forced to reject the bid of the film because she did not want to abandon their responsibilities as an editor, first, her parents did not approve if she accepted the job offer. "If (skip) three months rather difficult, too, must get out of town. Parents also do not agree. Find a month or two months only, not for too long," she said.

Apart from that, Agni Pratistha did enjoy the work behind this desk. "Like really yes because it feels different when it's deadline, have to write, so we read out the results and can know the response from readers, are excited about. Glad it's hell," said Agni Pratistha excited. She admitted enjoying time deadlines that usually make others stress.

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Being a journalist, Agni Pratistha Many complained

Being a news search does not appear to desire Agni Pratistha. However, due to overdo 'nyemplung', Puteri Indonesia 2006 is now practice it with pleasure. While working in the world of writing and photographing it requires mental as well, especially when the deadline arrives. Journalistic pressure is experienced also by girl.

"Yeah, I feel the deadline, because I was also right to edit posts of people," she said.

Even in reality, not a few problems arise from working in the field of journalism. Such as in social life. Is Agni Prastistha also feel disturbed?

"You could say I now prefer the job, but because I love baseball problem. Indeed many of the complaints as well. But it's personal satisfaction, sometimes to the health as well, the doctor merely become, stress. Sometimes dreams just think, "she said when met on Thursday at the Gallery Lounge, Pejaten, South Jakarta.