It really is a small world!!

Holy smokes!  If I were a gambler, I wouldn't have put any money on the chance of this happening!

I've been following the blog of Almost American for some time, and she's been following mine. We're both expats, both fed up with snow and are waiting for Spring, and have a few things in common.

But what are the chances of this? Almost American made a post about a town in England where I went to school. And I made a post about where I used to go shopping. And what did we discover?  Almost American and I grew up close by. Not only in the same peninsula, or even the same town... but the same road!!  About 15 houses away from each other, I'm guessing. I lived in that road till I was about 10, before moving a whopping couple of roads away.

Wow, what memories it's brought back!  Riding my bike down to the shops to buy something from the green grocers or Spar, or Nanna giving me a note to buy her cigarettes LOL. Riding my bike on the marshes, trying to get to Wales. There were huge gullies on the marsh and my friend Valerie and I would get scared of the rare tide coming in and trapping us! Taking little footpaths between houses and ending up in a different road. Walking to school and going by a scary empty house and walking through a fenced off area at the end of the road, that we weren't supposed to go through (do you remember that on the corner, opposite the church?)

I used to be out on my bike all the time when I lived in that road. Under 10 and I was out in the morning and came home at dinner time, usually when the street lamps came on. Oh how I wish my kids could have that much freedom. It taught us how to get out of tangles and scrapes before Mum found out, and how to entertain ourselves with nothing but a bike or a random swingrope hanging from a tree over the centuries old wall by the old mines.

What fun!  Great memories!