The Power of De-Stressing

I don't know if de-stressing is a word in our ever changing language, so if it's not, please don't write and let me know. I am using it and loving it.

There are many levels of stress, and I think I can honestly say that my family has been through some of the worst stress possible in the past year. Not looking for sympathy or gonna explain much about it, suffice to say it was hell on earth and I wouldn't want anyone in the world to suffer it.

Over the year, I also gained weight. A lot. A continuous gain that was consistent and looked like it wasn't going to stop. My eating habits didn't change much, maybe I ate less even. But every time I got on the scale, I'd jumped a pound or two. A couple of weeks ago, I realized I'd gained over 30 pounds, and that just gave me something else to worry about. I was almost at the point of thinking sod it, I can't stop this, might as well make it worthwhile and eat junk I like! I started to see how maybe people got to Biggest Loser level of weights.

Well something happened recently that took away an enormous amount of stress in all of our lives. The atmosphere in our home has lightened and we feel hopeful, for the first time in ages. Rather than forcing myself out of bed, forcing myself to do things with the kids, I am wanting to live a fun life again.

And guess what? I hopped on the scale earlier this week and for the first time in a year, the number had gone down. By 2. Hmmm. Curious. First drop in many many months. So I've weighed myself each day this week... and every day so far has seen a drop. WOW. I haven't exercised or eaten any differently, but there it is, my weight steadily dropping so that I've lost 6.5 pounds in less than a week.

I can only attribute it to the power of stress. Maybe my body had gone into survival mode and was clinging to every morsel, every calorie. And now it doesn't need to anymore so it's shedding the excess! I hope so!!   Our bodies are pretty darn incredible really. While it drove me nuts to be gaining that weight, it was my body's way of looking out for me when I wasn't.  I'll never look gorgeous in a bikini but so what? It's about being healthy and feeling great, right?