Shopping Here Versus There

Thought I'd share a visual look at one of the differences in my life: shopping in my hometown in America versus my hometown in England.  Yes. I am aware there are crappy places in UK, and gorgeous places in America. But it's my From and To.


I grew up near the historic Roman and Norman City of Chester. Truly beautiful, the shops and stores have stood the hard test of time: 7 or 8 centuries actually. This is downtown Chester...

That's not a faux Tudor. These were built in the 13th century with upgrades
through the centuries. No plywood allowed.

Weekend shopping

I love the wide pedestrian zones. No cars, no taxis, no buses. Just people. That does mean leaving the car and walking.

Pedestrian Zone

Shops below, and steps up to Chester Rows: unique 2 level shopping

One of the narrower and smaller upper Rows

Below: The Upper Rows of the past

Once upon a time... in the upper Rows
Beautiful, hey?  Mum and I used to go about once a month when I was growing up. Even if we didn't go in many shops, it was nice to walk around, have a coffee, listen the the Town Cryer at noon, and walk the Rows on a rainy day.


So now I live in a really small town, population a couple of hundred. I figured there's nothing to show from there, so some nearby towns.....

Practical, if not pretty

Lots of parking. No need to walk!

Bragged as an architectural highlight of the strip mall
Kinda looks like the last one, huh? Not the same place though.
No strips malls. Historic Downtown.